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Supplier Endorsements
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GPOs give suppliers, particularly small suppliers, a platform to help bring their products to market. GPOs help ensure that the best, most innovative and cost-effective products find their way to the market.

Click below to read full endorsement letters from suppliers

   Lowrie & Co., Inc.

   Preferred Surgical Products (PSP)

   MedVantage Mectra Labs Inc.

   Action Bag Company

   S&W Healthcare Corporation

   X-GEN Pharmaceuticals

   TIDI Products

   AMD-Ritmed, Inc.


   RD Plastics Company, Inc.

   Belimed Infection Control

   Iris Diagnostics

   Radiation Detection Company, Inc.

   Clarity Imaging Technologies, Inc.

   Sizewise Rentals

   AAF International

   Ambu Inc.


   Daniels Sharpsmart, Inc.



   Healthmark Industries Co.

   Medical Optics

   Priority One


   United Laboratories

   Williams Medical Company

* Please note that the names of specific Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) have been removed from all letters for proprietary reasons.

More Supplier Endorsements


"Today, West-Com is widely recognized in the field of developing and installing nurse call systems for hospitals, bringing technological advancements to hospitals across the nation. The company owes this success to a group purchasing organization (GPO) that has helped it grow. Thanks in part to the business generated by the relationship with our GPO, West-Com has been able to consistently improve its products at various educational and industry workshops, acquire additional contracts with our GPO’s member facilities, enhance its distribution network and increase the size of its workforce by adding more regional sales managers and factory distributors…Each year since signing our GPO contract, West-Com has grown and expanded our GPO business opportunities.” Mrs. Denise Peters, West-Com General Manager

Clinical Innovations
"Clinical Innovations recognized that by working with our GPO, it could expand its reach and make its quality products [unique medical devices that help improve health outcomes for pregnant women and their infants] accessible to even more hospitals.”

"By partnering with our GPO, Clinical Innovations’ network of hospitals grew wider. Clinical Innovations also gained access to top worldwide medical distributors, who possessed the ability to get its products to areas of the world where they are most needed.

" Since Clinical Innovations began working with our GPO, the company has been on an impressive annual growth track. Our GPO contracts include 17 of the company’s products. With these 17 products covered by our GPO, Clinical Innovations continues to record increased revenue as well as company growth, enabling reinvestment into research and development for new technologies and expanded employment.”

LSL Industries
"As a result of these contracts [with our GPO], LSL [offering hospitals OR basin kits & laceration trays, surgical sponges, skin scrub trays, urologicals - irrigation trays and IV start kits/central line kits] has been able to offer GPO members savings of anywhere from 10 percent to 25 percent. Methodist Hospital of Dallas, Texas, and the Aurora Healthcare System in Milwaukee are prime examples of hospitals that have benefited from these savings.”

"Our GPO contracts have made a real difference for LSL and its workforce. Our employee base is derived primarily from the low income groups within our local community. As a direct result of the contracts they have been awarded by our GPO, LSL has hired more than a dozen additional employees from these low-income areas. The company is also looking to expand its operations. As an organization, we have been able to grow from a 10,000-foot manufacturing facility to an 80,000-foot facility.”
Ash Luthra, President of LSL Industries, Inc


"Our GPO's field team maximized the utility of awarded contracts so efficiently that MEDRAD experienced growth levels of almost 300 percent during its first year as a GPO supplier. [MEDRAD’s innovative medical imaging devices and services diagnose and treat critical health concerns and conditions.] Our GPO is in the upper echelon of GPOs in terms of driving the utilization of its contracts and actively engaging its hospital shareholders to maximize all their contracts. Business nearly doubled during the second year as a GPO supplier and increased an additional 60 percent during its third year…Our GPO has really taken the leading edge in the industry by investing in technology which increases operational efficiency.”
Greg Guarino, the National Account Manager at MEDRAD


"Since the company began working with our GPO, it has had multiple opportunities to introduce new products to GPO member hospitals in need of top-quality asthma care devices. Our GPO has been a valuable business partner and has allowed a company of Monaghan’s size advantageous access to GPO members.”

"Additionally, the partnership with our GPO has allowed member hospitals the ability to utilize the support of many specialized sales representatives who distribute Monaghan products, essentially increasing the company’s sales team by almost two hundred individuals. There is absolutely no question that our contract and partnership with our GPO has helped us maintain and grow our business.”
Jon Schoeler, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Monaghan

RD Plastics
"Since it began working with our GPO, RD Plastics has grown significantly. [Today, RD Plastics has more than 200 million bags in inventory, including biohazard zips, security seals and a patented Snap-N-Fill zip lock dispensing system.] Through the support of our GPO, RD Plastics now has annual sales of over $800,000 with GPO member facilities-a 60 percent increase from when the company started working with our GPO. This increase has allowed RD Plastics to grow significantly as an organization, including the addition of several more product lines.”

"Our GPO has always been ethical and treated our business with as much care as they would any other, regardless of our size.”
Jeff Loveless, Company Executive

Sage Products
"With our GPO’s help, Sage was able to share information with hospitals across the country and explain how its products [focused on patient bathing, oral care and preoperative skin preparation that were designed to address risk factors for various types of hospital-acquired infections] could help facilities safely reduce healthcare costs while improving the quality of care.”

"By helping facilities decrease hospital-acquired infections, Sage estimates that its products have saved hospitals hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars every year. With its commitment to helping hospitals safely reduce costs while improving care, our GPO actively works to provide the latest information, tools and resources for hospitals to improve patient care delivery. By partnering with Sage in its awareness-building efforts, our GPO helps its 1,700 member hospitals understand the importance of infection prevention in reducing all-around care costs.

"We’re proud to work together with our GPO to educate healthcare providers on the importance of prevention, which in turn reduces costs and improves quality of care.”
Kym Affinito, Vice President of Marketing

TZ Medical Profile
"…as a recognized leader in the cardiac and critical care device industry, TZ Medical owes a lot to our GPO hospital members and support staff.” "Our GPO contract managers never have treated us like a small company and have allowed us to take on as much as we could. We continue to be dealt with in a manner that addresses our products – their quality, compatibility and competitive pricing – rather than our company’s size and public/private status.”

"After receiving its first contract with our GPO, the company gradually expanded its network and began working with other GPOs. Through its increased customer reach from these GPO relationships; TZ Medical has grown its annual revenues by close to 30 percent since 2003. This growth has allowed the company to increase their clinical and support staff, and to contribute funds to hospital education efforts as well as new technology development.”
Valerie Meyer, TZ Medical’s National Contracts Manager

Viscot Medical, LLC

"Viscot has been pleased to have a supplier contract with our GPO as we’ve found that they are easy to work with. Our business has grown as we have utilized the various meetings to bring visibility and awareness to our product line within our GPO. It appears as if our GPO understands the value of partnership and how working together is a two way street."
Jeff Lynch
VP of Sales and Marketing, Viscot Medical, LLC

Advantage Medical Cables and Electronics, Inc.
"Advantage Medical Cables and Electronics, Inc. (AMC&E) is very excited to join the GPO team! We believe that this partnership will result in a win-win situation, benefiting both GPO members as well as AMC&E. While AMC&E is the largest independent manufacturer of patient monitoring accessories in the United States, there is no category on any GPO for cables and leadwires. It has been an uphill battle to obtain a contract without a formal category for cables and leads.

"Our GPO, however, has been a pleasure to work with. From the time we presented our system to their clinical staff, they had the foresight to see the value of our product line, and how it could benefit their members. The introduction of YokeMate LWS (Lead Wire System) allows a hospital to standardize all their monitoring equipment to use one set of leadwires, with options for reusable, disposable, or radiolucent leadwires at better prices, and with better warrantees compared with the rest of the industry. The increased exposure that comes with being a supplier of our GPO will in-turn benefit AMC&E."
David Chapman
Product Specialist
Advantage Medical Cables and Electronics

Radiation Detection Company
"Our company is not large in comparison to many in the healthcare arena. We established a relationship with our GPO in 2004 mainly because of the interest they had in us. We found that despite our size, we had many similar ideals basically built around treating people with respect and working hard to provide a service that members will find differentiates us from others."

"We enjoy working both with the corporate side of our GPO as well as with many of the outside representatives who meet with the members on a daily basis. Working with our GPO has allowed us to be extremely competitive in our market and to speak with a much more influential voice to members of all sizes and types."
Ted Godard, Manager,
Affiliate Care Radiation Detection Company

Medi-Tech International Corp.
"Medi-Tech International Corp. is pleased and excited to have been awarded a GPO agreement for our specialty wound management products."

"Our main excitement is due to the considerable market penetration we plan to achieve with our GPO’s non-acute care members in addition to the primary IDN members nationwide. Our working relationship is indeed in it's infancy stage at this point, yet we are already impressed with the level of communication and marketing support that has been provided to us from our GPO corporate contacts for this new agreement."
Jennifer D. Porter, MTIC Director of National Accounts,
Medi-Tech International Corp.

"Southmedic/Personna has been working with and associated with our GPO for more than eight years. It is felt that this association has been mutually beneficial to both organizations. We have been able to bring GPO members several "industry firsts” and innovative products, while they have always been helpful in facilitating means, methods and programs that increase contract utilization. In many cases our GPO has acted as a mentor for our small company."

"Our relationship has always been an excellent business relationship for our company and an inspiring personal relationship for me. Their business and support in Southmedic/Personna is appreciated."
James F. Boe, VP Sales/National Accounts Western Region,

Advanced Endoscopy Devices, Inc.
"Advanced Endoscopy Devices, Inc. is new to our GPO. We are encouraged by the professionalism and level of support we have received from the GPO staff. Advanced Endoscopy Devices, Inc. is looking forward to this exceptional opportunity."
Gayle M. Butler, Business Development Director,
Advanced Endoscopy Devices, Inc
"All of us at DOTmed are so pleased with the support we have received from our GPO and their colleagues and we are so impressed with the weight that they carry in the industry.

"Our GPO representatives seem to have great access at member hospitals and they are not shy about putting in a good word for us. Honestly, I am surprised at the traction we have received in such a short period of time."

"We have hoped that our GPO would increase our sales by 5% to 7%, but it looks like it is going to be 3 times that amount."
Philip F. Jacobus, President,

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